Burbank, CA – 4/1/2024 – The Walt Disney Corporation (NYSE: DIS), a global leader in entertainment and media, announced today its acquisition of Vail Resorts, Inc. (NYSE: MTN), a premier mountain resort company.

The acquisition represents a monumental step in Disney’s expansion into new leisure and adventure markets, aligning with its strategic vision of immersive storytelling and experiences.

Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Corporation, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, “Today marks a historic moment for The Walt Disney Corporation as we welcome Vail Resorts into our family.

This acquisition is more than an expansion; it’s a commitment to bringing unique, immersive experiences to life in ways only Disney can. Imagine the magic of Disney meeting the beauty of the mountains – it’s a perfect synergy between storytelling and nature.”

The acquisition will see the integration of Vail Resorts’ world-renowned destinations into the Disney portfolio, offering guests unparalleled access to some of the most iconic ski resorts in the world. “Our vision is to transform these destinations into year-round family adventures, where the enchantment of Disney and the thrill of the mountains meet,” Iger added.

The Walt Disney Corporation plans to invest in the resorts to expand their offerings, including new themed attractions, accommodations, and dining experiences that blend Disney’s imagination with the natural beauty of the mountains.

Happy April Fools.

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