Dear Editor,

I write to you with a passionate plea to uphold the integrity and thrill of skiing by denouncing the nonsensical trend of reverse camber skis. These banana-shaped abominations do nothing but detract from the true essence of skiing, offering a lackluster experience that falls far short of the precision and excitement that traditional camber skis deliver.

Let’s be blunt: reverse camber skis feel like crap. They are nothing more than glorified flotation devices for those who lack the skill to navigate powder properly. Frankly, individuals who rely on these gimmicky skis to get by on a powder day have no business even being on the slopes. Instead of honing their skills, they simply float aimlessly, making sloppy turns that betray the artistry and finesse of true skiing.

What’s worse, reverse camber skis are woefully inadequate for anything beyond powder days. Attempting to carve on groomed runs with these monstrosities is an exercise in futility. They promote poor technique, hinder precision, and ultimately rob skiers of the exhilaration that comes from mastering the mountain.

It’s time to call a spade a spade: the reverse camber ski trend is nothing but a misguided fad that has overstayed its welcome. Why are we persisting with the production of skis that serve no purpose other than to accommodate subpar skiers on rare powder days? It’s a baffling decision that only serves to undermine the integrity of the sport.

Let’s return to what truly matters: the joy of skiing on traditional camber skis. These skis offer unparalleled precision, control, and excitement, making every turn a joy. Whether carving down groomers or tackling challenging terrain, traditional camber skis empower skiers to push their limits and embrace the true essence of the sport.

So I urge Unofficial Networks to take a stand for skiing excellence by championing the resurgence of traditional camber skis. Let’s leave the reverse camber nonsense behind and reclaim the purity and excitement of skiing on slopes that truly deserve our respect and admiration.


Robbie from Vermont

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