GOVERNMENT CAMP, Oregon — A family of six hiker who got stuck in several feet of snow for nearly 24 hours are safe at home thanks to a snowcat rescue mission in Government Camp, Oregon.

KTLV reports the four adults and two children became lost in the backcountry and called for help using the iPhone SOS feature which gave authorities their exact coordinates. They had started their hike at the Salmon River Trailhead and had hiked about 8 miles and gained more than 3,500 feet in elevation before getting stuck.

A Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office snowcat was dispatched to the scene which was deep along trail with deep snow, dense forest, fallen trees, and, elevation change and lots of snow:

“Those crews were faced with some pretty treacherous conditions just trying to get there. We’re very relieved everyone is back safe and sound.” -Ross Clemson, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson

A helicopter was also considered but called off because it was unable to land due to weather. When the snowcat finally reached the stranded hikers the were safe and had built a fire to stay warm. The family was cold, wet and dehydrated but otherwise alright.

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