Montana—Bridger Bowl produces one of the coolest video series in the ski industry. Dating back to the 2003-04 season, the Montana ski area posts a daily video on its YouTube page showcasing the highlights from the ski day. This model of consistency is something you don’t see often in the ski industry, and it’s always enjoyable to watch.

In the March 17th Daily Video, the videographer caught a mountain goat chilling at the ski area. The mammal likes to hang around rugged mountains and steep faces. This is because they’re trying to avoid animals that hunt them, including predators like bears and wolves. I actually saw one during my trip to Big Sky earlier this year, as the mountain goat was chilling on a cliff near the top of Lone Mountain.

Regarding how this season is going at Bridger Bowl, it started out rough due to a lack of snowfall. However, a Miracle March has improved conditions immensely.

Image/Video Credits: Bridger Bowl

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