It’s no secret that professional skiers and snowboarders hurt themselves. Hell, some of the most popular ski/snowboard videos are of huge, devastating crashes (think Tanner Hall’s failed Chad’s Gap attempt). Taking a minute to click around your favorite athletes’ social media accounts, though, and it might seem like they never stop for injuries.

Skier and ski YouTuber Clint Tosland, based out of the Pacific Northwest, posted a pretty interesting video sharing his thoughts on the subject of injuries in skiing. He only really committed to creating ski related content this year, so he’s rather new to the idea of skiing professionally. As such, his take on injuries comes not as someone from the top (though his videos are pretty sweet and definitely deserve some attention), but as someone reaching for the top.

“just an injured skiers thoughts on the ski industry and injuries right now.

It’s a pretty interesting set of ideas to make your way through. Do professional skiers push through injuries way too much? Given the number of knee surgeries required for skiers under the age of forty, I’d say there’s at least an argument to be made. Also, should these pros, especially the ones heavily active on social media, be sharing their journeys through recovery more? Is that something that people want to see? Is that something that people should be seeing?

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Image Credit: ClintToz via YouTube

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