“Mother Nature has called the day! Join Natural Selection Tour and 24 of your favorite snowboarders LIVE from the all-new Revelstoke Mountain Resort venue, Wednesday, March 13 at noon PT / 3PM ET / 8PM CET on Red Bull TV.”

REVELSTOKE, Canada — The time has come, the finest snowboarders on the planet are in Revelstoke and the best big mountain riding competition on the planet is set to go off at 3pm Eastern. The venue for the Natural Selection Tour event in Revvy is next level and I couldn’t recommend highly enough that you tune in HERE. Good luck to all the competitors…stay safe and may the best rider win:

Riders will drop into a steep face with cliffs and natural pillows enriched with another 40 platforms and dozens of other man-made features, located just outside of the resort’s boundary. Here’s what riders are saying about the new Revelstoke venue, designed by Mother Nature and enhanced by Dustin Craven and the rugged Revy crew.”

  • “The venue is great – a mix of all the NST venues we’ve seen the in the past. It will lead to a lot of creativity and fun snowboarding.” – Elena Hight
  • “The course looks sick this year! It’s my favorite venue since Jackson. I know Dustin and crew put a lot of work and the features will be sick to ride. Thanks guys!” – Zoi Sadowski-Synnott
  • “It’s a good blend of Jackson Hole and Baldface, poppers, step downs, more technically advanced that JH. It will be fun to ride.” – Sage Kotsenburg

Here’s the highlight package from last years event to wet your whistle:

NST Ethos:

Natural Selection Tour is the brainchild of snowboarding icon Travis Rice, who first brought his vision to life in 2008 when he invited a group of pro snowboarders to join him on his home turf in Jackson, Wyoming. The goal? To create a contest that would celebrate natural terrain and creative expression, paired with slopestyle-inspired tricks.

Returning to the mainstream in 2012 with Red Bull Supernatural and the 2013 Red Bull Ultra Natural, both at Baldface in British Columbia, and then again nearly a decade later as a full tour, Natural Selection Tour has become the pinnacle of all-mountain, winter sports competitions.

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