Chris Tomer is an esteemed meteorologist with over two decades of experience, particularly in forecasting for climbers and skiers on the world’s highest peaks. His work has not only earned him an Emmy but also the respect of the adventure sports community for his precise weather predictions. Tomer’s expertise extends to his contributions to ski websites, where his forecasts are invaluable for planning safe and enjoyable skiing expeditions.

Major Colorado Low Spins Up 3/13-3/14, totals trending back up. Colorado: Light Accum 3/12, H 3/13-3/14, L 3/15. Tetons: M/H Accum 3/12-3/13. Wasatch: M/H Accum 3/12-3/13. New Mexico: Light Accum 3/13, M/H 3/14-3/16. Northeast: R/S 3/15, Light Accum 3/17.

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