Camden, Maine- New England’s rough March continued this week, as another batch of rainstorms swept through the region. This has resulted in a few mountains throwing in the towel, including the Camden Snow Bowl.

Due to the heavy rainfall, the Camden Snow Bowl announced on March 7th that they were closing for the season. The ski area had been closed since March 3rd, as they typically don’t operate on Mondays and Tuesdays, and were closed on Wednesday due to the rain. During the prior weekend of operations, the upper mountain was closed due to a lack of snow. This also means that the planned end-of-season events, which included the Uphill-Downhill Race and the Cardboard Box Derby, have been cancelled.

Holly Anderson, Interim General Manager of Camden Snow Bowl, described how the season went to WGME:

“This year we opened the triple chair lift two weeks early, so the middle of January, which was awesome. We were only closed for the two major rainstorms that we had that really impacted the harbor. So, we only lost two days to rain this year, which was great. So it really seems kind of cruel to have this happen and cause us to have to close early.” 

The Camden Snow Bowl is unique for a couple of reasons. Being in the coastal town of Camden, the ski area has views of the Atlantic Ocean. The ski area is run by the town of Camden, which has built an extensive year-round network of hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing trails. They also have a toboggan chute, as the Camden Snow Bowl hosts the U.S. National Toboggan Championships every year.

Let’s hope next season is a better one for the Camden Snow Bowl.

Image Credits: Camden Snow Bowl

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