Feast your eyes on this absolute showstopper of a send the Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands. High speed laid out backflip perfection. This folks is how its done. Bravo!

About Highland Bowl:

If you’re an advanced-to-expert skier or boarder, hiking and skiing Highland Bowl at Aspen Highlands is a peak experience (pun intended) not to be missed. Topping out at 12,392 feet above sea level, this vast, mostly open, 270-acre powder playground is the closest thing to a European Alpine experience in the central Rockies. Sure, it involves some work to get the goods — hiking up 782 sweaty, why-am-I-doing-this vertical feet, to be exact. But for those who like the steep and deep, the effort you put in pays off in spades, as the Bowl often get more snow than any other in-bounds area on the four Aspen Snowmass ski areas, and can hold it the longest (not having lift access makes for a low skier-to-terrain ratio).

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