With up to 12 feet of snow is expected to dump on Tahoe in the next few days, the folks that run the highways in California are urging skiers to stay at home:

“I would say go today because it’s bright and sunny right now. My opinion is don’t go skiing or snowboarding this weekend, just delay your trip if it’s not necessary. Don’t even try to do it. Sunday might be a better day, but even then, the road’s still going to be kind of recovery mode at that point.” -O’Connell, Caltrans District 3 Public Information Officer

Obviously heeding Caltran’s advice would be a major buzz kill to anyone looking to shred pow but it doesn’t take a cyrstal ball to predict the roads are going to a mess. Regardless of their recommendations, skiers and snowboarders seeking freshies will inevitably be heading to Tahoe so expect delays on the roads. Make sure your vehicle will is prepared for traction control laws, be patient and drive as the conditions dictate.

Be safe, have fun, leave early.

Here’s a quick message from Caltrans about the upcoming snow and what it means for drivers:

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