Colorado- Two weekends ago, a certified ‘Merica moment happened at Arapahoe Basin.

On February 18th, Reddit user @WollytheNole shared a video in the COSnow group of a fighter jet sending it above Colorado’s Arapahoe Basin. There were reportedly a few fighter jets that flew over the Colorado ski resort that day.

Users in the comment section pointed out that this is not the first time this has happened, as others have seen fighter jets flying through in the past. This seems very likely, as Colorado is home to five Air Force bases. Another person in the comments section saw the fighter jets while they were at Keystone Resort, which is also likely due to the proximity between the ski resorts.

Safe to say Arapahoe Basin guests were taken to the…. danger zone. I’ll see myself out.

Image/Video Credits: u/WollytheNole

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