CALIFORNIA, United States – It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for Tomer! There’s no better way to celebrate the end of the first day of the work week than a mountain weather update from Colorado meteorologist Chris Tomer, and boy does he have a doozy of a weather report.

There’s not a ton of snowfall expected across the United States throughout the middle of the week, but parts of Colorado could see around a foot between the 26-28. That same time period looks good for the PNW and the Whistler, B.C. area, with some mountains potentially receiving a little over two feet.

The golden time period across the Western half of the United States comes between February 29 and March 4, with California coming out as a huge potential winner. Mammoth is expecting a massive 58 inches and the Tahoe area is looking at potentially even more. Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole may also receive over two feet, while the rest of the Northern Rockies are looking at around a foot. The time period doesn’t favor Colorado a ton, but the Southwestern portion of the state could be looking at a solid foot or more. I’ll let Mr. Tomer explain the rest.

Meteorologist Chris Tomer has spent the past 20 years forecasting mountain weather for skiers and climbers. Tomer combines his experience and knowledge in weather forecasting with his love for the outdoors, providing some of the best mountain weather forecasts for those hoping to plan around the weather for upcoming outdoor activities. You can find daily weather updates on both his YouTube channel and his blog.

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Image Credit: Chris Tomer via YouTube

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