A massive 1,400 foot wide soft slab avalanche was triggered by a snowmobile in the Utah’s American Fork Canyon. The Utah Avalanche Center’s Mark Staples traveled to the scene to investigate the slide that likely caught one or two people. Here are his observations:

“One or two people were likely caught. They were gone when the second group arrived and did a beacon search to make sure no one was buried. It seems that at least one snowmobile was caught and partially buried and there was supposedly another hole where another snowmobile might have been partially buried. Unsure if anyone was injured, but glad there were no serious injuries that would have required Search and Rescue.”

Find the full accident report below:

Accident: Miller Hill

Observation Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024

Avalanche Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024

Region: Provo » American Fork » Miller Hill

Location Name or Route: Miller HIll

Elevation: 9,800′

Aspect: Southeast

Slope Angle: 35°

Trigger: Snowmobiler

Trigger: additional info: Unintentionally Triggered

Avalanche Type: Soft Slab

Avalanche Problem: Persistent Weak Layer

Weak Layer: Facets

Depth: 2′

Width: 1,500′

Vertical: 250′

Caught: 2

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