JACKSON, Wyoming – The Hypocrite, produced by Teton Gravity Research, has been one of my most anticipated ski films of the season. The film has promised to tackle the hypocrisy that comes with being a professional skier/snowboarder while continuing to preach climate activism.

The main focus of the film is professional skier Amie Engerbretson, who’s turned towards snowmobiling both to access lines and for fun. The rest of the movie features a whole host of professional athletes in the outdoor world, including Protect Our Winters founder Jeremy Jones, professional skier Griffin Post, and professional snowmobiler Duncan Lee.

Making this film has been one of the more challenging and vulnerable experiences of my life. My hope is to offer a new way to think about our roles as individuals and to spark new conversations about how we can all be part of the solution. I truly believe there is great capacity within the outdoors community and if we can all unify over our shared passions to protect what we love, we have the potential for tremendous power to effect change.” – Amie Engerbretson via press release

The movie was altogether an awesome watch. The idea that the outdoor sports industry as a whole should be working together, rather than each individual sport pointing fingers at each other, is really well portrayed. But, more importantly, I think it does a great job at spurring a great conversation. The fossil fuel industry has done a great job at making the individual feel responsible for climate change, but does that mean that we should just ignore the idea of an individual carbon footprint?

We believe in the power of film to spark curiosity and deeper connection on critical topics. Our hope for this project is to inspire meaningful conversation around the outdoor community’s complex relationship with environmental sustainability.” – Teton Gravity Research Co-Founder Todd Jones

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Image Credit: Teton Gravity Research via YouTube

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