Steamboat Springs, Colorado- In the heart of February vacation week, Steamboat Resort is currently without a critical chairlift.

Since last week, Steamboat Resort has been without the Pony Express. The high-speed quad chairlift, which services intermediate and advanced terrain, is currently inoperable due to the need to replace its motor. They announced that the lift would be out of service until they could acquire a new motor. Once the new motor arrives, Steamboat is projecting that it will take up to five days for the chairlift to become operational again. A definitive reopening date has yet to be announced by the Colorado ski resort.

However, Steamboat skiers and riders got some promising news last night. The motor is officially en route and should arrive in the next few days. This means that it could reopen either within a week or slightly longer. In terms of the old motor, it has been removed from the chairlift and was put in the Slope Maintenance facility.

The biggest bummer (or gain, depending on your mindset) is that the new Mahogany Ridge terrain pod is currently inaccessible by lift. To reach the top of the Pony & Mahogany Ridge terrain pods, you’ll have to hike to the terrain. This is done by taking a right on the No Name trail and then hiking up. The Mahogany Ridge Express chairlift remains open, so you can lap the terrain once you reach that base terminal.

Quite a few people in the comments section appear to be fine with this closure though, as some of the best terrain is currently less trafficked compared to the rest of the mountain.

Update 2/23: The motor arrived yesterday, and the installation of the motor is happening today. The reopening process is expected to take at least a few more days.

Image Credits: Steamboat Resort

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