Johan Malmbeck Sends Super Ballsy Straight Line

Things didn’t really work out as planned on this one😅

This is right next to popular runs in the resort and there are loads of people traversing underneath. Before @kiliwolfram dropped in first we were very careful that the outrun would be safe, no skiers traversing.

When I dropped in right after I think the adrenaline was a little high and we all forgot to check. I can see atleast 3 people traversing into where I’m headed and at that point I don’t really know what happened exactly but I had a pretty hard tumble🪓😅

At that speed you really have to be very gentle and precise with any adjustments and harder adjustments will simply not be possible. I think I adjusted a little to the left first and then changed my mind and tried to adjust right again, which was absolutely not happening haha. I just decided to make a fall right there as to not hurt anyone below.

Maybe I will get to try this one again this winter 🤙

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