In today’s brief video, we’ll focus on the GFS model for a quick overview of precipitation types, total precipitation, and snowfall. Expect unedited content due to time constraints.

Storm activity is prevalent on the west coast, extending into the Rockies, with a developing low over Ohio by Thursday, bringing widespread rainfall across the Midwest and Ohio Valley. Coastal activity appears subdued compared to previous model runs. A transient low-pressure system extends into Florida and the Gulf, potentially leading to a snowstorm pending further consolidation. Cold air dominates the eastern states on the 23rd and 24th, followed by a significant pattern change around the 27th, with severe cold in the west and a ridge in the central and eastern states as predicted. Model accuracy is notable despite recent short-range failures.

Potential for severe weather, primarily south of a designated line, exists, particularly in Missouri and the Ohio Valley. The transition to spring-like patterns is anticipated, especially in the central and eastern states, contrasting sharply with continued wintry conditions in the west. Significant precipitation is expected, particularly in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains, with potential snowfall exceeding 10 feet in some areas. Despite the rapid overview, don’t forget to subscribe for daily updates and notifications. Like, comment, and stay tuned for more insights in future videos

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