MAMMOTH LAKES, California – On the heels of major snowfall and several huge powder days, Mammoth Mountain has announced an increase in penalties for those who duck rope closures around the resort.

In a video posted to the resort’s social media accounts on Thursday, February 15, Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol Manager Dan Flynn announced that ducking rope closures would now result in a 30 day loss of season pass, and a second infraction would mean losing the pass throughout the rest of the season and facing criminal charges.

Due to recent disregard for our on-hill closures, we are adjusting the penalties. Ducking a rope closure means losing your season pass for 30 days. Doing it a second time results in losing that pass for the rest of the season. Single or multi-day ticket holders will lose all remaining days.”

Previously, a first infraction meant losing access to your season pass for just ten days. In the passionate video, Flynn explained how dangerous ducking a rope around Mammoth can be, and how unsettling it is for patrollers to witness when conducting avalanche mitigation.

“Imagine, just for a moment, that you were a ski patroller on a mitigation route with explosives, and while you’re waiting for your shot to detonate, someone ducks a closure and enters the runout zone of the avalanche path that you’re attempting to release. That is absolutely terrifying for that patroller.”

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Image Credit: Mammoth Mountain via Facebook

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