Ski brakes exist for a reason. If someone pops out of their ski, the brake is engaged by the removal of the boot and the ski has a much harder time becoming a dangerous rocket as it rips down the mountain. If you’ve seen what a ski without a brake does at his heads downhill, you’d understand perfectly.

There are a few reasons why a ski brake might fail. It might just be broken, either snapped or stuck down. The binding, including the brake, may have somehow fallen off the ski. Or, in some cases, the brake just doesn’t work as intended and the ski manages to rip down unimpeded. For the ski brake to fail because the boot is still in the ski, though, means something has to have gone very very wrong.

This clip was posted to r/tiresaretheenemy (a pretty wild subreddit, if you’ve got time to do some exploring) by u/boswellglow. It brings up quite a number of questions. Like how did the boot manage to leave its owner? Why didn’t the skier stop to avoid the ski? Did the skier even see the ski? And, finally, the age old question: who’s at fault?

Okay, I think we all know who’s at fault. Whoever took their boot off still clipped into their ski, or whoever decided to stick a human-less ski boot into a ski. I’m guessing someone was unhappy with the feeling of a ski boot and decided to rip theirs off for the sake of salvation. However it happened, that person is at fault. Don’t do this.

If you need a good example of what “finishing your turns” means, I recommend studying this clip over and over again.

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Image Credit: u/boswellglow via Reddit

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