When I was offered the chance to review the Peak 88s from Peak Skis, a company barely a year old, I must admit that I had my doubts about the quality of skis they could produce. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to put the Peak 88s to the test across a range of East Coast ski conditions, and I’m ready to share my verdict.

And here it is: I’m incredibly impressed and, to be honest, blown away by these skis! Their performance and quality have exceeded my expectations, placing them squarely in the upper echelons of the ski world, alongside established brands like Stockli and Kastle. The Peak 88s are remarkable for their ability to make exceptionally clean and precise turns at varying speeds and conditions. Whether it’s smooth, long arcs or quick, tight turns, these skis handle it all with an ease and finesse that’s truly commendable.

What I appreciated the most about these skis was their ability to hold an edge on even bullet-proof ice. These are skis that are clearly designed and built for skiers who enjoy fast, fluid skiing and carving a proper turn.

In terms of versatility, the Peak 88 delivers across diverse terrains. They are especially adept for groomed runs, where their carving abilities are most evident. But their performance on mixed conditions and off-piste terrain makes them a versatile choice for skiers who enjoy skiing the entire mountain.

For East Coast skiers, the Peak 88 is particularly appealing. The ski’s ability to handle the icy, hard-packed conditions commonly found on East Coast mountains makes it an excellent choice for the region. Its edge grip and stability provide assurance on the typically firmer snow conditions, making it a reliable option for the variable and often challenging Eastern terrain.

Verdict: The Peak 88 skis are an outstanding choice for advanced and expert skiers seeking a high-performance ski that excels in precision and versatility. Their construction quality, responsiveness, and adaptability to various snow conditions make them a valuable addition to any serious skier’s arsenal. They promise an exhilarating and rewarding experience for the right skier.