Skier rage, a phenomenon increasingly noted on slopes, mirrors road rage. It involves skiers or snowboarders exhibiting aggressive behavior, often stemming from overcrowded slopes, reckless skiing, or territorial disputes. This aggression can manifest as verbal altercations, physical confrontations, or dangerously aggressive skiing. Causes include frustration over perceived rudeness or carelessness by other slope users, heightened emotions due to adrenaline, and the stress of navigating busy trails. Skier rage compromises safety, disrupts the peaceful enjoyment of skiing, and poses risks to all slope users.

In a recent alarming example of skier rage, a French man experienced a near-miss on a busy ski slope when a drone, operated carelessly, swooped dangerously close to him. Incensed by the close call and potential risk to his safety, he swiftly skis down to the drone pilot. The confrontation that ensued was heated, fueled by the skier’s fear and adrenaline. In a moment of intense anger, he used his ski poles to viciously smash the drone, rendering it inoperable. His actions, though extreme, were driven by the perceived recklessness of the drone operator in such a crowded and dynamic environment. After destroying the drone, the skier, still seething with rage, quickly skied away from the scene, shouting profanities that echoed across the slopes. This incident not only underscores the increasing incidents of skier rage but also raises concerns about the mixing of technology like drones in traditionally tech-free recreational spaces.