A vehicle towing a trailer with $100K worth of fireworks was driving along Highway 1 near Hope, British Columbia when it suddenly got rear-ended by a semi. What was reported to be a “minor bump” was enough to ignite the $100K of fireworks in one impressive explosion.

Video from @briannadavisofficial

The resulting display destroyed both vehicles while producing an incredible display for all to witness.

“It could have been a lot worse,” said Carmen Kiener of the Upper Fraser Valley Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “Members had to be really careful when they approached the scene.”

“It was like sensory overload, because there was so much sound and so much light,” recalled Kendra Bergen in a conversation with CBC Vancouver. “I said to my son [that] it was the most spectacular fireworks show I’ve seen in my life, and probably would be his most spectacular fireworks show, and it came at no charge!”

Thankfully, everyone involved in the accident was okay, with only one person sustaining minor injuries.