One of my personal crews doing the whole ski film thing will always be Ski Carnage. They had a total of three videos on YouTube, each around 30-40 minutes long, filled with some dope lines, major wipeouts, and some pretty sweet snowmobiling. Much of their skiing is based out of Montana, watching the videos makes that pretty clear. They are not huge, they are not showy, they’re just dope.

Earlier today (November 8), Ski Carnage dropped their fourth, and potentially final, movie, Carnage vs The World, supported by Mo Pros, Bomb Snow Magazine, and ON3P. Like the three before it, it sits around 35 minutes long and covers some sweet terrain, gnarly runs, and killer tunes. This one includes some Japan skiing and other huge deep lines. You definitely won’t be disappointed (unless you hate cool things).

This one is for us not you.

So crack open a beer, stick this video on your television, and enjoy. Then watch their third, then their second, then their first movie. Or you can start with the first and make your way up. It doesn’t matter. The point is there’s about four hours worth of sweet skiing that you can, and definitely should, watch. Trust me, it’ll sooth your brain and get you hyped up for ski season.

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Featured Image Credit: Ski Carnage via YouTube