The digital realm is rife with unconventional ways to handle mundane chores. Want to warm up your meal? Head to the shower and voilà, it’s pulled pork tonight! Thinking of popping a few beverages? Snag any item from your home and get cracking!

Yet, certain jobs demand extreme measures. Consider the individual who opted to fell a tree, not with standard tools like an axe or saw, but with a slingshot.

This clip, initially shared by TikToker @slingshotenthusiast, portrays an individual wielding a slingshot, then pinpointing his chosen tree. Swiftly, he springs into action, launching metal spheres repeatedly at the tree, initiating what might be the lengthiest lumbering process known to man.

In no time, the tree begins to falter. Once it’s nearly severed, our protagonist prepares for the decisive blow, propelling a sphere straight into its heart, triumphing over his leafy adversary.

Granted, it’s far from a polished finish – a zoomed-in view shows a rugged surface peppered with metal spheres. But who’s judging? It’s less about utility and more a testament to skill, might, and perhaps, sheer idleness.

On Reddit, netizens quipped about the backstory of the clip. “The combo of leisure and munchies needed,” remarked one. “Jobless mate on a laid-back day,” quipped another. “Someone unlucky, way behind that tree, is filing an insurance for an unusual summer hailstorm,” jested a third.

Need a tree professionally removed? Contact a genuine expert. But if witnessing an impressive feat followed by collecting countless metal spheres scattered in your garden is your thing, this TikToker is the one to watch.