Viewing clips of individuals engaging with the natural beauty of U.S. national parks can be alarming. A recent clip circulating on Instagram reveals how some “tourons” — a blend of the words “tourist” and “idiot” — often demonstrate a lack of judgment.

This particular video, shared on the National Park Tourons (@nationalparktourons) page, captures a lady accompanied by two young ones at Sequoia National Park. Bypassing the protective barriers, they are seen perilously close to the park’s rugged terrain, drawing the attention of bystanders.

In places like Sequoia National Park, these barriers aren’t merely decorative; they play a crucial role in preserving certain zones from human interference and potential harm. They might protect recovering vegetation after an event or shield delicate areas from external stress. Ignoring these restricted zones can harm the park’s ecosystem and pose risks like slips or falls for visitors.

Some parks implement these restrictions to safeguard the habitats of various species. For instance, in 2022, measures were taken to shield Hyperion, the tallest living tree on Earth, following the negative impact of numerous visitors in the Redwoods National Park. These visitors left behind litter and waste, posing challenges for the park’s wildlife.

Several comments called for stricter monitoring or the imposition of penalties to deter such risky behavior by visitors.

“In Sequoia this weekend, this lady went over the rails with BOTH of her kids and went further down on Morro Rock 🤬”
📸: @geneselia