“I’m good y’all! Appreciate everyone’s concerns, walked out the hospital with a few stitches!”

First and foremost we want to let everyone know this guy survived with surprising minor injuries. The following video comes from a Nitro Circus show held in Anaheim, California on October 28th where rapper, Jaleel, joined the lineup as a guest performer.

Jeleel is known for his high flying acrobatic stage theatrics and is no stranger to dangerous stunts but attempting to the send the Nitro Circus’s trademark Mega-Ramp on a tricycle proved disasterous.

Jeleel fell off 40-foot tall in-run towards the middle of the ramp and landed on the unpadded ground below. I’m no doctor but it certainly looks like he was knocked out and no doubt suffered a concussion.

Jeleel took to his social media platforms to let his fans know he survived:

“Y’all know I’m a superhero c’mon now. Happy to be alive for real.”

Here’s a status update from Jeleel:

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