If you’ve ever parked at a local ski area, then you’ve seen a few dogs. My dogs frequently hang out in the car while I ski, and they definitely enjoy a good parking lot party. Here are 8 products (that I regularly use) that make it much easier to travel with dogs in tow and are under $35:

Travel Water Bowl

I always make sure my dogs have water for the entire car ride, but regular bowls lead to a ton of spillage. This travel water bowl keeps water well contained through switchbacks and parking lot potholes. I usually need to fill it midday since I have three large dogs, but this bowl is deep enough to easily support one or two dogs for an entire day.

Collapsable Bowl

If I need to feed my dogs while I’m out, collapsable bowls are perfect to have tucked out of the way when they aren’t in use. They are also handy to have for hiking. I like these bowls from Chewy over the ones I’ve found on Amazon, as the carabiner lasts longer and the bowl is easier to collapse.

Wet Ones for Pets

It’s no surprise that dogs are messy. These Wet Ones for Pets are handy for both dirty paws and poopy bums. If your dog has a sensitive stomach and tends to get the runs, these wipes are a great way to make sure your car doesn’t become one big skid mark.

Skinny Bully Sticks

I’m pretty sure my dogs would sell my soul for a bully stick. These skinny ones are super slim and are shorter than a full stick, making them easy to stash in the glovebox. They are also small enough to give multiples during the day without digestive issues. My dogs don’t care if I walk away from the car when I give them these.

Freeze-dried Beef Liver

My dogs go from complete lunatics to perfect angels when they see the beef liver bag. While they enjoy just about any treat, these beef liver treats will make them stop in their tracks and give me their full attention. Costco has the best deal on beef liver treats by far at only $30 for two 1-pound packs. Warning: they are super stinky.

Compostable Poop Bags

Don’t be a tool; pick up your dog’s poop. These bags are pretty hardy while also being environmentally friendly. They are made from cornstarch and are compostable, so you can also use them for DIY fertilizer (though I don’t know if I would ever do that).

Treat Pouch with Poop Bag Dispenser

I like to carry my poop bags and beef liver in this convenient pouch. It has a hook that can easily slide onto a belt or pants, or you can use the detachable strap and sling it over your shoulder. It’s an easy way to have the out-of-car essentials at the ready.

Dog Sweater

My pittie mix is a super weenie when it comes to cold weather. While her husky-mix siblings have no problem hanging out on a snowy day, she won’t have as much of a good time. I have a closet just for her, and it is loaded with sweaters from Chewy’s brand Frisco. They hold up well, and they keep her very warm on really cold days.

Headline Photo Courtesy of skiingsolo, All other photos courtesy of products listed