The wildly popular YouTuber, Ryan Hall, Y’all (1.6M subscribers) explains why the upcoming winter (Winter 2023–2024) will have wildly different weather than in the past few winters in North America.

Ryan points to two factors that will have major impact on the winter weather this upcoming season. First is El Niño. Is looking as though we will not only have El Niño conditions for the upcoming season but the El Niño will be very strong. Looking back at previous strong El Niño events, we can gather some information on how this will potentially impact the upcoming season. Ryan’s second point is that the Atlantic Ocean is warmer than we have ever seen it before, which could fuel major snowfall on the East Coast.

In the video, Ryan also makes a very bold prediction that a major snowstorm the likes of which will be remembered for years, will impact somewhere on the East Coast this upcoming winter. This will be a major snow event including blizzard conditions and huge snow totals in 2024 that will be remembered for years to come.

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