The longest-running skiing webisode series has returned. Last week, LINE Skis released the premiere episode for the sixteenth season of the Traveling Circus. In this episode, they travel to Norway to meet up with Robert Ruud, Bendik Øye, and Andreas Håtveit. For park laps, they ripped the Geiloparken at Ski Geilo. In addition, they learned how the PVC pipe for rails is made and traveled to a farm to see how they milk Cows in Norway. They even cleaned up some cow shit!

In all seriousness, it was cool to see some shredding in Norway. I got to visit there around eight years ago and got to pass by many ski resorts while riding a train from Bergen to Oslo, and wondered what the shredding experience was like.

The Traveling Circus did a great job here diving into Norweigan culture and got to do some fun park skiing along the way.

LINE TRAVELING CIRCUS 16.1 | DEN NORSKE STILEN: You can officially say Winter is near because season 16 of the LINE Traveling Circus is here! For episode 16.1 the crew ventures across the pond to meet up with Robert Ruud, Bendik Øye, and Andreas Håtveit in Norway. Fueled by Norweigan Waffles, Brown Cheese, and Lefse, the circus hot laps Geiloparken in a way that will make you want to book a plane ticket to Norway ASAP. You’re going to be frothing to slide some tubes after this one. Tune in and watch episode 16.1, Den Norske Stilen, now!


Andy Parry, Will Wesson, Mitchell Brower, Pete Koukov, Robert Ruud, Bendik Oye, Leo Landro, Andreas Hatveit, and Friends!


Jake Strassman


1st Song – Control – Scam Likely

2nd Song – Deep Ocean – Some Ember

3rd Song – Super 8 – Spookystack

Image/Video Credits: LINE Skis

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