Last week, Hiker Endy Riccio found himself between a rock and a hard place. Endy shared on Instagram a large rockslide in Ticino, Switzerland. The video is pretty stunning and a wee bit scary, as dusty clouds cover the rocks that are darting down the mountain. One moderately sized rock completely hurdled down the mountain, which was luckily far enough away from the cameraman.

People in the comments had varying reactions to this situation, with some questioning why he and his friend stayed put or hid under something, while others just appreciated capturing nature at work. One hiker who commented on the post also visited the site and saw rockslides every thirty minutes last Friday. A 2006 scientific study found that rockslides are common in Ticino.

It’s a great reminder to do your research before hiking somewhere, which will help you figure out what the hazards are before you go.

Image/Video Credits: Endy Riccio

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