“Since the first hour of the first build for the original Ridgeline film, it’s been the dream to take this concept to the most amazing places around the world. The potential to find awesome, remote mountain ranges where we can test ourselves to the limit… to really explore what’s possible on a bike and how to film the most stunning footage… it’s been like a running commentary throughout the entire project.” – Gee Atherton

World Champion Mountain Biker Gee Atherton brings us this gorgeous short mountain biking film out of the Italian Dolomites. Rather than creating his own features, Gee relies on what he can find, riding only the terrain that already existed. Beautiful? Yes. Terrifying? Quite a bit… But the steep and sharp peaks of the Dolomites make for an incredibly backdrop.

It was physically and mentally the most demanding week of the series so far, where a sense of adventure and genuine concern for their survival drove the team onwards in search of some of the most incredible scenes they have ever filmed.

If you enjoyed that, make sure to check out the other Ridgeline videos (there are three) on the Atherton’s YouTube channel. They’re all pretty darn sweet and definitely worth a watch.

I grew up a road biker and bought my first true mountain bike this year. The stuff that I’m doing in Colorado (super easy front range stuff) already scares me like crazy. How he’s willing to just ride along these ridges is beyond me. There are several parts where, if he falls, that’s it. Not just no more biking, no more anything. It makes for a wicked cool video, that’s for certain.

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Image Credit: The Athertons via YouTube