“That’s right, EURO TAN LINES on a glorious blue bird day.”

Throngs in thongs…in just the second year of The Polar Bare event at The Remarkables Ski Field in New Zealand a new unofficial record was set for most skiers and snowboarders in swimwear with approximately 1,500 participants (previous record held by Sochi, Russia with 1,200).

It was pretty informal and organizers didn’t feel the need to invite Guinness World Record officials but they hope to have some on hand for 2024. If the turnout is anything like this year, they will surely take the crown. The event was extremely succesful for the hosting ski resort as The Remarkables broke their single day visitor record. Nice!

Cheers to all the skiers and snowboarder who got down to their swimming togs and bungee smugglers to hit the snow.

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