“You win some you loose some. Luckily Mati and I were both okay one this one.”

Garrett Warnick and Matias Radaelli may not have pulled off this over under air but thanks to proper head protection and soft snow they were just fine. Conditions looking choice down in South America right about now. Anyone who bit the bullet and booked a ski trip south of the equator is not regretting their decision.

Heads up, Garrett is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for a foot-powered snowboard webseries that we would love to see get off the ground. $10 contribution enters you to win a Jones Hovercraft 2.0. DONATE HERE:

Inyo and Worm Adventures . We are super exited to share this project with you guys, and just a reminder 10 dollars donated to the Kickstarter will get you entered to win a new Jones snowboards Hovercraft 2.0 splitboard.”

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