A Yellowstone National Park visitor blatantly disregarded all safety precautions, warnings, and common sense by straying from the designated boardwalk to approach Old Faithful up close.

Apart from the glaring danger posed by the scalding hot water, which reaches temperatures exceeding 200°F, and the billowing steam emitted by Old Faithful, there’s the added risk of harming the delicate terrain.

Fortunately, a vigilant Yellowstone Park Ranger intervened promptly, sternly reprimanding the individual, and ensuring she left the area. Let’s hope that the ranger issued a substantial fine to deter such reckless behavior in the future.

You can find the full post below, complete with photos and videos capturing the encounter. Make sure to turn up your volume; you can clearly hear the park ranger delivering a stern warning.

Quite amusing, indeed!

“Last month, a tourist at Yellowstone got a little too adventurous with Old Faithful and was apprehended by a vigilant park ranger! Remember, always stay on the boardwalk near Old Faithful and never approach geysers. Kudos to the person who recorded this! Despite the windy conditions, we can hear every word of the ranger’s admonishment.”