BAÏST is a renowned Vermont-based company known for its top-quality custom-fit winter gloves and accessories. Scot Schmidt, on the other hand, is a legendary figure in the world of skiing. He is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of extreme skiing and has been an influential figure in the industry for decades. Now these two greats of the ski world have exciting news to share.

In a recent announcement, BAÏST revealed that it is partnering with ski legend Scot Schmidt to introduce an exclusive collection of gloves. This collaboration promises to deliver exceptional performance, comfort, and style to outdoor adventurers.

Along with the collaboration, BAÏST is also offering the chance for people to participate in their Kickstarter campaign. By doing so, these passionate individuals will receive the first shipment of this one-of-a-kind gear at a discounted price. Moreover, participants will gain access to other limited edition BAÏST items.

The Scot Schmidt Collection and Legends Line Sweepstakes

Baist Scot Schmidt Glove

BAÏST’s partnership with Scot Schmidt is exactly what you would expect for a collaboration of this magnitude. Consequently, it has resulted in an incredible line of gloves that embody the essence of skiing in every stitch. Schmidt, alluded to this when excitedly stated, “In a world where every detail counts, these gloves stand out. This is a collaboration between my passion and BAÏST’s expertise.” With a shared vision of performance, comfort and style, BAÏST and Schmidt have crafted a legacy that outdoor enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

To celebrate the launch of the Scot Schmidt line, BAÏST has introduced the Legends Line Sweepstakes. Fans now have the opportunity to win a day spent with Schmidt at the prestigious Yellowstone Club in Montana. This once-in-a-lifetime experience allows winners to witness Schmidt’s expertise firsthand while enjoying the breathtaking surroundings of the club.

The Emergence of BAÏST & The Legends Line

Since it was created in 2017, BAÏST has rapidly emerged as an industry leader. Their waterproof, cold-weather gloves are loved by skiers and snowboarders looking to brave the elements. Tested in the harsh Vermont conditions BAÏST has garnered praise from experienced gear testers. Their gear has also drawn praise from some of the country’s most accomplished freestyle skiers and snowboarders.

The Scot Schmidt glove collection is the inaugural release under BAÏST’s Legends Line. This new series of gear represents BAÏST’s collaboration with industry legends to create high-quality products that seamlessly blend functionality, durability, and style. The Legends Line aims to deliver gear worthy of the biggest names in snow sports.

The Scot Schmidt Glove

Baist Legend Yellow

The Scot Schmidt glove is the result of an intensive collaboration between Schmidt and the BAÏST team. Not only were the gloves meticulously designed in studios, but they were also put to the ultimate test in the heart of the mountains. Constructed with a durable Ballistic Cordura shell, these gloves can withstand the harshest conditions. The gloves also incorporate TPR and carbon fiber knuckles and finger backs for flexibility and protection.

The Scot Schmidt glove is available in 4 colors: white, brown, yellow, and pink. In addition, it is waterproof and has durable goat leather on the palm and fingers. The high-wear areas are double-layered and double-stitched for enhanced durability, which makes them suitable for both skiing and mountaineering.

The gloves also come with a removable liner. This ultimately allows skiers to adapt to various environments and weather conditions. For example, you can remove the liner when temperatures rise or physical activity intensifies to prevent overheating.

New Collection Promises to be Legendary

BAÏST’s collaboration with ski legend Scot Schmidt has resulted in an exclusive glove collection that promises unmatched performance, comfort, and style. Through the Kickstarter campaign, outdoor enthusiasts have the opportunity to be among the first to experience this extraordinary gear at a discounted price. With the Legends Line Sweepstakes, fans also have the chance to spend an unforgettable day with Schmidt at the Yellowstone Club. Get ready to elevate your winter sports experience with BAÏST and the Scot Schmidt collection.

Rich Stoner is the founder of the après-ski lifestyle clothing and media brand, All About Après, and the co-host of the Beyond the Après podcast. No stranger to the ski and après-ski scene, Rich has been a long time contributor for many publications on topics like skiing, gear, beer and food. However, his passion is on the slopes and enjoying good times with good people. You can find him perfecting his craft carving turns and drinking beers in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  @allaboutapres