Nearly all of the snow from the 2022-23 winter has melted at this point, although there are a few meager remnants.

Throughout the summer, SkiUtah has been measuring the snow depth over at Devil’s Castle. Most of the remaining snow around it melted in July and August, but a few small snow patches remain in this section of Alta.

Ski Utah’s latest update from August 24th showed one of the remaining snow patches on Devil’s Castle. They asked their followers if they thought the snow patches would stick around through September. As the featured image above shows, the answer to that question so far is yes.

With this remaining snow, some have chosen to check September skiing off their bucket list.

On Tuesday, September 5th, Skier Bitner Dickson decided to ski one of the remaining snow patches over Devil’s Castle. With these turns, Bitner had gone skiing for the past twelve months in a row.

Here’s what Bitner told us about skiing at Devil’s Castle:

“I was stoked to be skiing in September! The snow was better than what I was expecting. It was some of the best corn skiing out there.”

With Utah getting its first snowfall of the 2023-24 season this week, it won’t be long until the snow starts to pile up, and the lifts begin to turn.

Image/Video Credits: Alta Ski Area (Featured & Header Image), Ski Utah, Bitner Dickson

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