Union Binding Company, a manufacturer of snowboard and spilitboard bindings is bringing something unique to the table…approach skis for snowboarders. 

The Rover Approach skis are small, 85 – 100cm, skis that have built-in climbing skins. The shorter length makes them lighter and more maneuverable compared to a full-size splitboard. Climb to the top of your favorite backcountry zone with these approach skis while you carry your snowboard on your pack. At the top of the climb, swap your bindings back to your snowboard, strap the approach skis to your pack, and commence shredding.

These are marketed as a simpler, less expensive alternative to a full-on splitboard. At $399.95 – $499.95 they are indeed significantly less expensive than a split style snowboard. In addition, there is the benefit of the increased downhill performance of a solid board and you don’t need to deal with taking climbing skins on and off. Users will still need splitboard bindings as they will need to transfer the bindings from the approach skis to their solid snowboard at the top of the climb. For a more in depth review (albeit french so flip on closed captions) GO HERE: