“Since 1991, Alta Ski Area and the Alta Environmental Center have planted more than 100,000 native plant seedlings and 42,000 trees around the mountain.”

Before Alta and Snowbird existed, Little Cottonwood Canyon was exploited for mining interests. With finds like silver and gold, many people in the late 1800s and early 1900s searched throughout the canyon for treasure. Sadly, these settlers destroyed much of the flora and fauna that once existed in Little Cottonwood. Ultimately, avalanches led to the demise of Little Cottonwood’s prospects as a mining community.

Since then, various organizations have worked towards revitalizing the flora and fauna in the area. One of the prominent leaders in these efforts has been the Alta Environmental Center. According to the Alta Ski Area, the two partners have helped plant over 42,000 trees and over 100,000 plant seedlings over the past 32 years.

Last week, the Alta Ski Area gave a video update on their summer vegetation projects. This summer, they targeted Nina’s trail, which was regraded back in 2021. Ultimately, they have planted over 13,000 seedlings this summer. Originally, they only intended to plant 12,740 seedlings, but they received additional seedlings from Dryland Horticulture. They completed these projects ahead of schedule, which was thanks to Community Volunteer Days and events with their partner organizations,

Below is a video breakdown of this summer’s project from the Alta Ski Area.

Image/Video Credits: Alta Ski Area/Tyler Brison

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