So happy to see Mark McMorris tearing up the jump line at Thredbo Ski Resort in Australia just 5 months after breaking his ankle filming to qualify the Natural Selection Tour Duel. Cheers to Mark for his triumphant return to the slopes: 

“Day 1 in the books. Feeling extremely grateful to be able to enjoy the thing I love once again. It also feels good to know I can still take a slam;) I’d say it’s just as hard mentally as it is physically to recover from injury. This one being no different. As you heal physically the mental will follow suit. Happy to have taken the amount of time that was needed to return at 100% . Thank you to my amazing team for getting me back to where I need to be.” –Mark McMorris

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Swipe right for the clip of when broke his ankle:


Mark McMorris is a Canadian snowboarding sensation whose accomplishments have left an indelible mark on the sport. Born in 1993 in Saskatchewan, McMorris burst onto the scene with his exceptional talent and fearless approach to the mountains. His list of achievements is nothing short of remarkable.

McMorris has consistently dominated slopestyle and big air events, earning multiple X Games gold medals and World Snowboard Tour titles. He became the first snowboarder to land a triple cork 1440 in competition, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the sport.

His tenacity is truly remarkable. Despite suffering a life-threatening injury in 2017, fracturing his femur and pelvis, McMorris made a miraculous recovery and returned to competition stronger than ever. His resilience is an inspiration to athletes worldwide.

Moreover, he has represented Canada at the Winter Olympics, earning a bronze medal in the inaugural slopestyle event at the 2014 Sochi Games and adding a silver medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Games. Mark McMorris’s accomplishments continue to shape the landscape of snowboarding and inspire the next generation of riders.