“I fall into a crevasse during ski touring in the NE couloir of Capucin glacier.” –Edouard Bozon

Scary moment for a pair of skiers on Glacier du Capucin in Chamonix, France when a crevasse opening covered in a thin layer gave way and swallowed a dude whole. This footage give me the willies for sure. Excellent reminder to always ski with a partner. 

About Glacier du Capucin:

Glacier du Capucin, nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the French Alps, is a stunning testament to the raw power of nature’s sculpting abilities. This glacier, like many others worldwide, serves as a mesmerizing reminder of the Earth’s dynamic and ever-changing characteristics.

Perched at a high altitude, Glacier du Capucin showcases the grandeur of icy formations, its sprawling expanse of ice and snow captivating the hearts of mountaineers, scientists, and nature enthusiasts alike. Its gradual movement, albeit imperceptible to the naked eye, shapes the landscape over extended periods, leaving behind awe-inspiring valleys and ridges that narrate the glacier’s journey through time.

However, the beauty of Glacier du Capucin is not without vulnerability. Like its counterparts across the globe, this glacier is affected by the consequences of climate change. Rising temperatures contribute to its retreat, a poignant symbol of the planet’s warming. Scientists study glaciers like Capucin to glean insights into climate patterns, their research unveiling the intricate dance between natural forces and human influence.

Tourists flock to witness the glacier’s splendor, serving as a vivid reminder of the urgent need for environmental stewardship. The fragile equilibrium that sustains Glacier du Capucin underscores the delicate balance between human actions and the preservation of these natural wonders.

In the end, Glacier du Capucin stands not only as a breathtaking spectacle but also as a poignant reminder of the Earth’s fragility and the collective responsibility to protect and preserve these icy giants for generations to come.

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