Tourists Sprint Towards Black Bear Family In Yellowstone National Park

Maybe I’m wrong, but I really feel like it’s not that hard to not do incredibly stupid things. Don’t jump off a building thinking you’ll fly without a parachute, don’t drive your car at 150mph on a windy highway during a winter storm, don’t climb to the top of a mountain and hold up a golf club during a thunder storm, and don’t run directly at a black bear family while visiting a national park.

Unfortunately, no matter how obvious things may seem, there are still people constantly trying to win themselves a Darwin Award, and this family in Yellowstone National Park seems to fall into that category.

Why did they charge a black bear family? Probably for pictures, or maybe a good story. We’ll likely never know the true answer. But they are incredibly lucky that mama bear decided to flee rather than fight back.

Black Bears In Yellowstone

Black bears are pretty darn common in Yellowstone. Between the 1910s and the 1960s, guests were actually allowed to feed the animals on the side of park roads. This is definitely not allowed today. Feeding a bear can lead to a dependency on human food, which can lead to aggression towards humans and eventually euthanasia.

If you spot a bear on the side of the road while in Yellowstone, which is entirely possible, make sure you follow these guidelines. Do not stop in the road, use a pullout and let other cars safely pass. STAY IN YOUR CAR. If you feel the need to get out, stay as close to your car as possible in case the bears decide to approach. Do not feed the bears and keep food out of their reach. If a bear approaches your vehicle, honk your horn and drive away. DO NOT APPROACH THE BEAR, DO NOT FOLLOW THEM, STAY OUT OF THE ROAD, DON’T MAKE ANY SUDDEN MOVEMENTS, AND DO NOT CROWD THE BEAR.

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Image Credit: Will Spencer via Instagram