Idaho offers some pretty amazing options for fishing, including some of the most challenging fly fishing locations in the country. If you decide to book a trip to fish in this incredible state, you can hope to catch multiple types of trout, salmon, and salmon shark!

Idaho Fish and Game received multiple calls and emails last week in regards to what witnesses claimed was a shark on the banks of the Salmon River near Riggins. After receiving enough calls to actually convince them to investigate, the Fish and Game crew did find a salmon shark.

To be incredibly clear, salmon shark are not native to Idaho. They can grow up to 10 feet in length and just under 1,000 pounds in weight, though they typically weigh around just 485 pounds. Their shape is rather similar to the Great White Shark and casual ocean goers have occasionally mistaken them for the ocean legends. As their name implies, they often feed on salmon and other fish, but will essentially eat whatever sea creature they can get their hands on.

The salmon shark typically lives in the Pacific, with a range from Korea and Japan to central Baja California. Idaho and other freshwater locations have never been a part of their habitat.

So how, then, did this salmon shark find its way onto the banks of a freshwater Idaho river? Well, the Idaho Fish and Game states that they have spotted no sharks swimming up their fish ladders as of late, so it’s safe to assume the shark didn’t make its way there on its own.

The department of Fish and Game does believe that this was most likely the act of a prankster, done just for a few good laughs. I don’t want to make any accusations, but it does seem possible that someone could have done this as a publicity stunt, or some tourist just figured it would be a funny activity. Whatever the reason, we’re laughing with you, Idaho Fish and Game!

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Image Credit: Idaho Fish and Game via Facebook