Are you trying to see the best of America’s national parks? This month, YouTuber America’s Parks ranked his ten favorite United States National Parks hikes. This YouTuber has been to each park in the Lower 48 and has done some very challenging hikes, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about. It should be noted that many of these hikes are very challenging, and a couple of them are perilous at times.

Here are his top ten picks:

  1. Half Dome at Yosemite
  2. Inner Canyon Trails in the Grand Canyon
  3. Inner Canyon Trails at Bryce
  4. Subway at Zion
  5. Precipice Trail at Acadia
  6. Sulphur Creek at Capitol Reef
  7. Angel’s Landing at Zion
  8. Skyline Trail at Mt. Rainer
  9. Devil’s Garden Loop at Arches
  10. The Narrows at Zion

His honorable mentions included Fern Canyon at Redwood, Hall of Mosses at the Olympic, Maple Pass Loop at North Cascade, Notch Trail at Badlands, Lassen Peak at Lassen, Wheeler Peak at Great Basin, Cascade Canyon Trail at Grand Teton, the Gunnison Route at Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Guadalupe Peak at the Guadalupe Mountains, Three Dune Challenge at Indiana Dunes, and Caprock Coulee at Theodore Roosevelt.

For a more thorough breakdown of his picks, you can watch the video below.

Image Credits: Joshua Gresham (Featured Image), Jason Hogan (Header Image)

Video Credit: America’s Parks

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