The country with the biggest population is trying to build the largest two-lane road tunnel in Asia. Called the Zojila Tunnel, the eight-mile passageway in the Himalayas is a critical investment for the rising superpower.

Last week, Insider News gave an excellent breakdown of the tunnel’s construction, and why it’s so important for India. For one, it makes transporting goods easier on what is one of the most difficult roads on the continent. For drivers, the journey will be reduced between Jammu/Kashmir and Ladakh from three hours to twenty minutes.

The move is partially for political reasons as well: the tunnel will allow India to send troops to the northern border. India’s northern border is situated below China. The two sides have seen an increase of violent clashes in recent years.

The video also covers the challenges of building such a huge tunnel. This includes altitude sickness, avalanches, cold weather, and much more.

Construction on Zojila started back in October 2020. The tunnel still has a ways to go, as four miles have only been sculpted out at the time of the video’s publication. They expect the tunnel to be completed in 2026.

The video from Insider News is below.

Image/Video Credits: Insider News

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