Keystone's opening date is predicted at mid-October
Credit: FACEBOOK/Keystone Resort

Is it just me, or does it feel like ski season really didn’t end that long ago? Maybe it’s because the last time I skied was actually just a couple of months ago, maybe it’s because Mammoth shut down it’s lifts literally just ten days ago, or maybe it’s because I’ve been in some sort of dream state where nothing feels quite real since ski season ended. Whatever the reason, it certainly doesn’t feel like the time to be announcing projected opening dates for ski resorts throughout the country.

Fortunately, for those of us who are sick of the heat and dream of the snow, and unfortunately for those of you who only ski to distract yourself from the winter, Vail Resorts has announced projected opening dates for multiple of its resorts.

Credit: FACEBOOK/Whistler Blackcomb


Colorado is quite often the first state to see spinning lifts and open ski runs, and if Vail’s projected dates say anything for the near future of the American ski season, that will remain true into 2023-24.

Keystone – Mid October (dependent on early season conditions)

Breckenridge – November 10

Vail Mountain – November 10

Beaver Creek – November 22

Crested Butte – November 22

Breckenridge's opening date is projected at November 10
Credit: FACEBOOK/Breckenridge Ski Resort


Heavenly, Northstar, and Kirkwood all had pretty remarkable seasons this past year (just like most of California). Heavenly stayed open for an additional three weeks, closing on May 7, while Northstar added two additional weekends and closed down on April 30. Kirkwood, on the other hand, kept things running into mid-May, with a final closing date of May 14. Let’s hope this upcoming season has even more to offer!

Heavenly – November 17

Northstar – November 17

Kirkwood – December 1

Credit: FACEBOOK/Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Utah, Washington, Canada

Sorry to lump these together, but they’re the miscellaneous three!

Park City Mountain (UT) – November 17

Whistler Blackcomb (British Columbia) – November 23

Stevens Pass (WA) – December 1

There ya have it folks! Please keep in mind that these are only projected dates, and are all subject to change. It’s not quite time to sharpen those skis and start looking for brand new boots, but it’s certainly time to start those cardio routines and leg workouts. Ski season is coming gang, let’s goooooooooooo.

Credit: FACEBOOK/Park City Mountain

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Featured Image Credit: Vail via Facebook