Could a small British Columbia ski resort that no one knows about become one of the major players in the Canadian ski industry? Sasquatch Mountain Resort is aiming to become a powerhouse in the coming decades. If they are able to fully implement their master plan, Sasquatch will have 283 trails plus glades and 23 lifts. This would be a 247 trail and 19 lift increase from what they currently have.

Here’s what the trail map currently looks like:

And here’s what Sasquatch wants to build their terrain network out to. You may want to put your glasses on for this one…

Yesterday, Sasquatch posted a video flyover of the potential terrain expansion. The video quality isn’t great, but it does give you a general idea of what the pitches will be like.

Other parts of their master development plan include new summer activities, an expansion of the trail network for winter and summer sports outside of downhill skiing and snowboarding (i.e. cross country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and snowshoeing), developing a base village, and the building of housing units.

These plans were approved by Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) back in 2022, leading Sasquatch Mountain Resort to enter the development phase. Their most recent project was the construction of an aerial park, which is set to open soon.

They’re some skeptics of this project, which includes locals. Sasquatch is at a lower elevation compared to other British Columbian ski resorts, meaning it gets less snowfall. If built, these runs would feature smaller vertical drops compared to major resorts in the region. The access road also isn’t paved, which is what many want to see fixed first. Still though, this is worth sharing due to the ambition.

They’re quite a few developers that want to build new ski resorts in B.C., but I also think it’s a sound idea for the existing resorts to expand in order to accommodate more international tourists.

Now, a question for our readers: If Sasquatch were to add most or all of this terrain, would you make the trip up to Agassiz, British Columbia?

Image/Video Credits: Sasquatch Mountain Resort

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