Ring Camera Catches A Black Bear Startling A Florida Woman On Her Front Porch

Doorbell cameras have given us access to a whole host of funny and crazy encounters throughout the years, like this video of a black bear startling a Florida woman and her dog on her front porch.

Gina Helsel usually lets her dog out to scare away the cats that like to gather. This time, though, her dog was up against a much bigger and much more dangerous animal. The black bear was apparently shuffling through her neighbors garbage, and he charged just because he was startled. His actions were not that of an aggressive bear.

I feel bad for the poor dog. He probably had no idea what was going on, and still probably doesn’t quite understand it. It seems like he knew to leave when the bear showed up, which is a good thing. I’ve met many dogs that would try to fight the bear, and we all know how that would end up.

If you live in bear territory, make sure to keep your trash in secure buildings or in bear safe garbage bins. Bleach your trash bins regularly, and thoroughly wash any food residue out of and containers and wrappers. Only put the smellier pieces of garbage in the bin on garbage day, ensuring that smells won’t linger for multiple days and attract the animals. Bring bird feeders inside at night or ensure that they’re well out of reach of a curious bear, and make sure pet food bowls are stored inside. For more information on safety in bear territory, check out the American Bear Association.

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Image Credit: CBS Miami via YouTube