I don’t know why anyone would spend over a few hundred dollars on a pair of shoes designed for a sport where they’re sure to be beat up. To me, a pair of skate shoes should be pretty cheap if you’re planning to take it to the park. But there are people in every sport who are focused on good looks, no matter how it costs them (like people who buy skis for the top sheets and then spend their days on the mountain trying not to damage the design… top sheets are meant to be scratched, fools!).

Anyways, for those of you who do like to add a little luxury to your street focused sport and aren’t to worried about scratching a pair of shoes that’s over $1,000, or those of you who just like to dress up as a skater without actually participating in the sport (I’m talking to you, people who ski in those jackets or onesies that look like they’re made out of reflective emergency blankets), Louis Vuitton’s new LV Skate Sneaker has got you covered.

Louis Vuitton Unveils New Skate Sneakers In Its Fall-Winter 2023 Collection

The new LV Skate Sneaker is quite similar to the company’s original skate sneaker. Design wise, the monogram flower featured on the side of the shoe is blown up to the next level, becoming the focus of the side’s design rather than just a feature. At the same time, rather than white accents with an additional color, this years shoe in mostly monochrome, offered in black, blue, grey, and bordeaux. Additionally, rather than a mix of materials, this shoe is all leather above the outsole.

The exclusive edition LV Skate Sneaker, retailing for $20 more than it’s non-exclusive counter park ($1,360 rather than $1,340) With an interlaced LV design inspired by Colm Dillane of KidSuper rather than the oversized monogram flower that’s often associated with Louis Vuitton, the shoe’s origin is slightly more subtle from a distance. At the same time, though, the LV found on the tongue is even bigger than it was in the past and the monogram flower is still noticeable on the back and outsole, so it’ll still be plenty easy to flex.

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Image Credit: Louis Vuitton