Mountain Lion Caught "Playing" With Dog In Sacramento Yard

What behaviors do we want the least in our dogs? Rolling around in mud, eating other animal’s feces, digging in the yard, and, of course, any sort of aggression all probably stick pretty high up the list. Chasing wild animals, though, can lead to much more dangerous situations than many others.

According to USA Today, California’s Sandy Ali was hosting a Bible study in her Sacramento home when a friend pointed out that Ali’s two dogs were playing outside. Ali, unfortunately, only owns one dog, and upon further examination, witnessed a mountain lion leaping into a tree. She did the right thing and called 911, with agencies arriving around 6:45 p.m., but the large cat was able to escape.

Our deputies and animal services worked well into the morning hours trying to safely trap the mountain lion that was spotted in a residential backyard on La Loma Street near Los Cerritos. Unfortunately, efforts were unsuccessful.” – San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office

Fortunately for our own entertainment, security footage of the incident was shared with the local KCRA-TV.

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Image Credit: KRCA Lee Anne Denyer via Twitter