Later this year, a new ski resort board game will be coming out. Called Alpenglow, the 2-5 player game will have you compete with your friends to create the ultimate ski resort. Whoever builds the most successful resort within two seasons, which is luckily condensed into a 45-120 minute game time, wins the game and takes over the other competing resorts.

The game is currently in the developmental phase. They will be launching a Kickstarter in the near future, with the goal of launching it by the end of the year.

Here’s a description of the game from the Waterworks Games website:

“Alpenglow is finally opening its mountain to skiers and has invited you to build its ski areas. Compete against your fellow ski resort tycoons and race to build the best ski area by building chairlifts and assigning runs on the mountain while developing the adjacent town to attract skiers. Open your ski area and run your chairlifts to generate revenue in money and Victory Points.

There is a catch though! Only the tycoon with the most successful ski area after 2 seasons (10 turns total) takes over management of the mountain. Find synergies to make the most out of each turn and maximize your resources. The winner is the one with the most victory points from buildings, chairlifts, delivered skiers, and the completion of your goal cards.”

It’s an interesting concept, but not as many people are playing board games as they used to. They’re some cool ideas here though, so I think that once it’s released, it could become a fixture at many ski homes.

This week, they released a five-minute overview video covering how the game works, which is down below. The board game will be released later this year.

Image/Video Credits: Waterworks Games

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